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You Need to Include These Attractions on Your Phuket Itinerary

So, after drawing up an itinerary for the entire course of your Phuket getaway, you find that there are still more days to spend in the island before heading back home. If you are unwilling to revisit the points and spots that have been included on the itinerary, it would be wise to also include a few more attractions to round the itinerary out. Confused of the many available options to select from? Well, read on to find out the most recommended spots in Phuket other than the beaches.

Try the Khao Rang viewpoint. Located atop the Khao Rang hill (where you can also find the Wat Khao Rang Temple), the viewpoint provides tourists with restaurants and cafes for them to relax at. The viewpoint is also a perfect spot to take in the Phuket Town sceneries with a backdrop of ocean. Getting off the hill, you with judi online can head to the Phuket Trick Eye Museum. There are many 3D images in this interactive museum. You can take tons of pictures inside and post them on your social media account. The museum operates from 10 am through 7 pm with an entrance fee of 500 baht per individual. Booking the ticket online will charge you 400 baht per person, though.

Next up is the Muay Thai boxing. You can watch the Muay Thai fight live in Phuket. If you are familiar with the Thai sports, this would excite you like nothing else before. Fighting areas are easily encountered here and there, both small and big in sizes. Banzaan Fresh Market and Kathu Waterfall should also be included on your extra-day itinerary. The market is packed full of fresh produces from veggies to fish and even frogs. The waterfall is composed of three cascades with the first level quite easy to reach.

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