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When Is the Best Time to Go to Phuket?

When is the best time to travel to Phuket? This is a question with an answer that depends heavily on the season. The simplest answer would be when it is not rainy season. This, however, is not a fixed solution. As a country located near the equator, Thailand has two seasons: dry and wet; and Phuket is not at all different. Make sure you book your holiday for the dry season because traveling during the wet season is a total bummer. Still, even during the dry season occasional rainfall may occur. But here’s the catch: By occasional, it could mean a heavy rain for straight two days without a significant pause. But following those miserable two days, it could lead to a week of dryness, which you should rejoice as it means you can check island-hopping off your travel wish list. You would not be so wrong to pick June or any other months during the dry season to go to Phuket but humidity would be so low your skin would start to wrinkle. It is advised that you take the trip within December through March. During this course of time, the weather is tempered enough. Humidity is average and plenty of cool breeze is there to provide you with total comfort.

Temperature during this period would be anywhere from 24 to 32 degree C. April to May marks the hottest period in Phuket. Temperature during this period spikes from 27 to 36 degree Celsius. You would be at risk of catching rainfall if you go there in the period of June-August as during this the occasional rain mentioned before occurs. Avoid traveling to Phuket in a period of September to November as not only will you see rain on daily basis, it would be pouring hard during this period.

Accommodations should not be that big of a problem in Phuket. Plenty of hotels and homestays are to be found around the area with tariffs ranging from backpacker-friendly to world-class resorts. Even at a low rate, the hotel you get is reasonable quality-wise. If you are traveling on a budget, you should stick with B&B accommodation. You may not be treated to a view of a hall-like lobby or a nice swimming pool but at least you get to take a rest for when the night falls. Be patient when you are looking for the place you have booked. Some of the small inns are tucked in between stores or shops so keep a sharp eye out.

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