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What to Expect Once You Get to Phuket

The fact that Phuket is a sanctuary for those looking forward to get themselves treated to an exciting service is not a secret at all. While the island is a poor choice if you wish to bring back home a big rucksack full of branded goods with good bargain, it is definitely choke full of services. And you know what is even more interesting than the abundance of services? The abundance of affordable services is. Phuket is a heaven for the ladies looking to revamp their look with mani-pedi treatments and nail polish.

Now, it is easy to think that because the service is cheap the quality must also be cheap. But you could not be any more wrong to have thought so because contrary to that, those services are of first class definitely. The guys traveling with their agen bola partner would not have to endure the wait while their girlfriend is enjoying life in the parlor. You (if you’re the guy, that is) can choose foot massage. And as every parlor comes with its own Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy getting treated while looking up things to do in Phuket on the net. And if constantly getting your body and feet knead thoroughly has grown too much for you, you can opt for fish massage instead.

Have you ever had one in your life? Yes, it is literally a treatment involving fish. You would be asked to sit by a small pond full of small fish with your feet soaked in the water. The fish will flock toward your feet and eat the dead cells off your skin. Yes, that sounds as gross as you would imagine but it is literally the purpose of this treatment, to clean your feet of everything that makes it dull and bleak. And what’s more, it involves no chemicals that would otherwise worsen your condition.

However, if you are looking forward to enjoy traditional cuisine of Thailand in Phuket, you would be in the wrong place. Phuket yields international menus more than it does its traditional ones. Phuket is not even known for its food at all. You can try and find some Thai food in Phuket but just keep your expectation low. Plus, the result of your search may not be worth the effort—quality-wise, especially. So, you should stick to whatever thee is on the street and save your culinary expectation for other parts of Thailand instead.

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