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Trying the Good Service Phuket Can Offer You

Arguably, there is no single travel destination in Thailand quite as popular as Phuket. The island even starts growing into a travel spot of international renown. You probably have heard of this small island on northern Thailand and when you think of it, you conjure up images of affordable accommodation with clear water beaches as its backdrop. Now, as interesting as that might be (who could resist the charm of a tropical island, after all?), you are in for a surprise when you know that not everything is peachy when it comes to vacationing in Phuket. Sure, there are a lot of funs in there but you should prepare yourself for anything that is beyond expected.

Let’s get one thing straight first: Phuket is by no means a heaven for shoppers. This is not to imply that the price of goods there is sky high. It is quite the opposite; apparels are pretty affordable in Phuket and you would shower yourself with branded items from undies to shorts to pants to clothes—well, the knockoffs, more precisely. This is deceitful, though, as the quality of those items is so poor that they will tear apart after being worn just for a couple of times. Phuket is also scarce in terms of shopping malls. Jungceylon Shopping Mall is perhaps the most popular but it is more of an oversized street market equipped with AC.

Now, Phuket may be short on things to buy but it is long on its services. Manicure, pedicure, personal grooming, hairstyling, massages, the list goes on and on and tourists of poker online are looking forward to give each one of them a shot. The tariff of each service is pretty affordable especially if you compare similar services to those in big cities, for example. But it does not mean that you will get subpar results either.

Massage is perhaps the most popular kind of service you can enjoy while in Phuket. The variety of this service is literally abundant, from hot-stone massage to oil massage to aroma and foot massage to the ever-enjoyable Thai massage. A simple tip on this subject: Get a massage parlor that is clean and air-conditioned. It is important to get this because you will be in there for about an hour or so. The service is so good that it is almost sure that you will be getting a second trip to the parlor before you head off back to your hometown.

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