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Take the Not-too-mainstream Phuket Attractions

By now, everybody should have at least ever heard of the name Phuket. Due to its popularity with international tourists, Phuket oftentimes pops up on a list of must-visit travel destinations on global scale. But when talking about Phuket, most people out there would easily associate it with three things: the nightlife, the beaches, and Patong. Phuket, however, is so much more than what most people are willing to give it a credit. Sure, those three things need to be on your to-do list but you need to expand your insights so that there will be more things to expect while you are in Phuket.

Take the Big Buddha, for example. Known as Phra Phuttha Mingmongkhon Akenakkhiri to the local, the temple is the island’s most easily identifiable landmark as it is observable from any perspective within the island. With a height of 45 meters, the statue sits in a complex that doesn’t cost you even a dime to gain entry. On your way to the statue, you will encounter tons of viewpoints. Some of these points are equipped with a restaurant while others come with a coffee shop. Soak in the beautiful beach sceneries while you enjoy your stop at these points.

Even with a beach as famous as Patong, Phuket does not run out of beaches that are equally breathtaking. The Laem Ka Beach is a prime example of these beaches. Less attended and without a signpost, the beach is not easily visible from the street and there are not many people around. If you are tired of bumping with other visitors at Phuket’s other more popular beaches for situs judi bola resmi, this one makes a great retreat from the buzzing touristy life. Laem Ka is a small beach that allows its visitors to take in beautiful off-coast island views and to take a dip into the seawater.

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