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How to Get around Once You Arrive at Phuket Airport

Okay, so you have managed to secure a ticket to and from Phuket. And it has a nice, reasonable fare as well. But do not ever think that this is where your concern ends. Do not let yourself get too caught up with planning what you will do once you get to Phuket—not unless you have ticked the box on the matter of transportations that will take you from the airport. You better have booked a hotel room nearest to the airport because unless you are willing to walk for miles, it is important for you to know more about how you depart from the airport and around the city. Municipal bus service is available at the airport. The buses are equipped with air-con for your convenient. The service is available from 6:30 am to 20:45 pm, with an interval of up to 90 minutes for each departure. This service can take you to Phuket tow bus terminal 1 at a cost of 100 baht for an hour trip. From the terminal, you can take local buses to get to the beaches, which operate up to 6 pm and cost about 25-40 baht. You need to tell the driver clearly where you are going to get off the bus. The driver will stop anywhere along the route if you tell them so.

The airport and Patong Beach are recently linked through a new shuttle service. The ticket for the shuttle can be paid onboard, costing about 120 baht apiece. The shuttle operates from 8:15 am daily with an interval of 45 minutes between each course. This could be a great option to take especially if you arrive at the airport early in the morning and are unable to check-in to the hotel just yet.

As a faster alternative to the municipal buses, you can take the minibus instead. A minibus costs around 100-180 baht per seat. An average charge of 150 baht is typical to get you to Phuket town. The minibuses operate based on the amount of passengers they take in. They will not leave the premises before the seats inside are full. Halfway to Patong, though, the minibus will stop at a travel agent, who will offer you a hotel room. Just tell them you’ve already booked a hotel with poker online on your own. Inform them about the name of the hotel you’ve booked and they will drop you off there.

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